Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's Taco Time!: (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Since I missed Tuesday's Tails this week, I'm featuring an adoptable animal today instead.

I mentioned Taco in one of last week's posts, but I figured I'd share his photos again since I can't believe he is still at the HSNI!  He is just about as awesome as a dog can get!  Why, you ask?

Reasons to Adopt Taco:

1.  Who doesn't love a "Pocket Pittie"?  
2.  Those eyes, though.
3.  Leash-walking skills that cannot be beat (seriously, we were impressed)
4.  He's a leaner - you know the type.  Taco loves to snuggle into your legs if you're standing near him!
5.  Sits pretty for treats
6.  SO well-mannered for only 2 years old
7.  Um, photogenic much?!
8.  His petite body makes him the perfect size for doggie clothing/accessories!  Somebody get this guy a bow-tie, stat!
9.  ...Did I mention those eyes?
10.  Taco's got lots of personality... As you can see from his photos!  Clockwise from top left:  Happy-go-lucky; focused/"Give me dat treat, human"; "I want to lick your face please"; mid-woof!

What do you think?  Which face of Taco's is your favorite?  (My personal fave is the bottom right - that little tongue sticking out!) :)

Please share Taco with your friends to help find him a forever home <3


  1. I hope Taco finds a home soon. You are right ...his eyes are beautiful and so spirited. He sounds like he would make a wonderful companion.

  2. I hope Taco finds a good home! Be glad to put this on my page.

  3. I'm sure Taco will fine a home soon, he is such a sweet looking boy.

  4. What a great looking Taco! My Tucker was a leaner and what a love bug! I hope someone finds room for this sweetie too!

  5. Oh yes 'those eyes' Hoping he finds his home soon.

  6. Hi Y’all!
    Love that smile.
    Did you follow me to http://www.browndogcbr.net? There is a link on http://browndogcbr.blogspot.com .
    Hope, if you haven’t already, y’all will come to my new home. I’m still workin’ on it. I’ll be tryin’ a different format tomorrow. We need your input.
    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. What a charmer! Hope he finds a home soon.

  8. Oh, I'm a sucker for dogs that lean. Seriously, that melts my heart!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  9. Beautiful dog! I hope Taco finds a loving home soon! Top left photo is probably my favourite. He looks so happy!

  10. Oh, holy moly. What a gorgeous boy. His eyes!! And "pocket pitties" are among my favorites :) Going to tweet him out right now!

  11. Taco was ADOPTED recently!!! Thank you all for your sweet comments and shares! :)