Monday, February 2, 2015

Tuesday's Tails: Bluebell & Fleetwood

I stopped at the Humane Society of North Iowa last week for a short visit, and totally fell in love with two cats by the name of Bluebell and Fleetwood.  (Don't those names make them sound like cool 70's flower children or something?!)  Read on to learn more about these purr-machines!

Trust me when I say that this photo doesn't do Bluebell justice - she is a gorgeous, petite gal with the most beautiful blue-grey coat!  She is full of snuggles and her motor was running the entire time I held her.  Bluebell is just under a year old, so she's the perfect mix of kitten and adult.  She is also a polydactyl, so her paws look like little mittens - so stinkin' cute!!

Fleetwood is one big handsome fellow!  He has a gorgeous face and a huge, fluffy tail.  He is such a love, and I can't believe he was picked up as a stray...nor can I believe he has been at the shelter since July!  About 4 years old, Fleetwood is super laid back and mellow - the absolute perfect lap-cat.  I can't get enough of cats with these kind of big, blocky heads, and with a personality to match those looks?!  Let's just say, I almost had Jared convinced that he had gotten over his cat allergy ;)

If you're interested in either of these kitties, please contact the HSNI and share their photos in the meantime!  (Photos courtesy of HSNI)


  1. They do look gorgeous. Hope they find forever homes soon
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Beautiful cats! I hope they find perfect homes soon. Sharing.

  3. Both are gorgeous! Wish my Skeeter would tolerate a kitty buddy. Sharing.

  4. They are both so cute!! I can't believe they are still at the shelter. Hopefully they will find lovely homes very soon.

  5. They are both beautiful! Sharing.