Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pawprint String Art

I thought I'd share with you my most-pinned image from my blog and Pinterest page.  It's reeeeally not a great shot of it, but it does look much nicer in person.  I wanted to create some wall decor that was unique and easy to make...enter string art!  This project was super simple:

1.  I did a Google search for clip art I liked and found the heart within a paw print.
2.  I purchased my plain ol' wood slab from Walmart and painted it white.
3.  I printed my template out on a sheet of paper and had my husband hold it to the wood, while I...
4.  Hammered small nails evenly into the piece of paper as well as the wood behind it.
5.  Once every nail was in place, I tore the paper away.
6.  Then I started stringin'!  This was fun but a bit time consuming.  Basically, you just start with a knot around one nail and then loop from nail to nail in whatever  pattern you'd like.  (I'm sure there is a more professional and precise way to do this, but we really kind of winged it.)
7.  A dab of super glue on the end of the string kept the ends from sticking out.

The instructions make it seem complicated, but it definitely wasn't!  If I had known it would be so popular on Pinterest, I would have taken step-by-step photos.  I love that string art is so easy to personalize - you can do whatever shape (dog silhouette, words), color, and pattern you'd like!

If you're inspired by this project and make something similar - please share!  I'd love to see what you come up with!  


  1. How awesome! Stopping by from the blog hop, hope you come say hi.
    A Happy Havanese

  2. Very cool project! I think it turned out really nice. I can see why it gets pinned :)

  3. That is unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very pretty! We made a string art piece of our home state (NY) and we love it!

  5. That's so cute!!! We will have to give this a try. We've already got lots of string, nails, and paint. Now all we need is the wood. Thanks for sharing about this!