Monday, March 23, 2015

Tuesday's Tails: Unbreakabull Bullies

When I worked for the Humane Society of North Iowa, I met a lot of wonderful people that are so passionate about animal rescue, including my former coworker, Lindsey.  Lindsey recently began working for a great Iowa organization called Unbreakabull Bullies.  As you may have guessed by their title, this group is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the breeds commonly referred to as "pit bulls."

Bully breeds are incredibly misunderstood.  The media (even educated authors and writers) paints these dogs to be vicious, man-eating beasts, regardless of their background or upbringing.  However, since I started working with dogs, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with pit bull breeds.  In fact, every single one I've met has been a goofy, affectionate sweetheart.  Unbreakabull Bullies feels the same way, and they've also dedicated much of their time toward putting a stop to Breed Specific Legislation.

Even though Lindsey has three dogs of her own, she recently agreed to foster three puppies and two adult dogs!  (Note:  This makes me soooo jealous!  I want to foster so bad!)  Amazing, right?!

Sweet "tri-pawd" Louie is a pittie mix who still has quite a bit of puppy in him at only two years old.  He came to Unbreakabull Bullies from Chicago, where, sadly, someone had shot him in the leg and abandoned him to die.  Once rescued, Louie had the injured leg amputated and made a full recovery - according to foster mom Lindsey, having three paws rather than four doesn't slow him down one bit!

Louie seriously sounds like the whole package:  He is house- and crate-trained, and he gets along with every kind of human and animal.  He loves to snuggle with Lindsey's young daughter, but he might love romping and playing even more - Lindsey thinks he would do well in a home with another high-energy pet so he has someone to run around with.  Louie sounds incredibly smart as well; he's even being trained to respond to hand signals!  Who wouldn't want to adopt this guy?!  Contact Unbreakabull Bullies to give Louie a home...before someone else gets to him first!

These three adorable puppies are almost ready to go home - at only eight weeks old, Lindsey is still learning about their personalities.  But typical of most puppies, they are equal parts playful and cuddly!  The roly-poly male's name is Echo (top photo), and he just loves being around people, soaking up all the attention and affection.  Bizzy's name fits her personality, because she is one busy pup - Lindsey says she is full of spunk and sass!  The other female is named Ezra, and she is rather quiet compared to her sister; she'd much rather snuggle than play.

And rounding off this pack is Jade, a petite little princess who was found roaming the streets.  About a year old, this girl weighs in at only around 35 pounds.  As you can see, Jade is one beautiful girl, and her foster mom says she is very snuggly and lovable.  

If you're interested in adopting one of these gorgeous dogs or know someone who might be, please contact Unbreakabull Bullies.  The puppies have an adoption fee of $150, while the adults have a $100 fee.  This includes spay/neuter, microchip, and all necessary vaccinations.  In the meantime, share their photos so they have more chances of finding their forever homes!


  1. Hi Y'all!

    My Human would be very happy for the breed specific legislation to be abandoned. However, it has been her experience in the past that one dog misbehaving will result in ALL dogs be banned from parks, apartments, stable areas, etc. Even if breed specific legislation is abandoned, insurance companies, apartment complexes, camping areas and hotels will probably continue to discriminate.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Such cuties and sounds like such a great rescue.