Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't be a Breed Bully

Dobermans were once thought to be the most vicious breed out there.  Then it was German Shepherds...then Rotties.  Now the media is picking on pit bulls, the goofy clowns of the dog world.

What breed is next?  What breed will be added to the "dangerous dog ordinances" that are spreading like wildfire here in Iowa?  Which group of dogs will be publicly damned and banned from attending training classes or living in certain towns?

According to my Facebook feed and comments on recent news articles about BSL (breed specific legislation), two breeds that might be in danger of becoming the media's next targets are the Presa Canario and the Cane Corso.  Both beautiful breeds have the square head and the muscular build that can make them look intimidating, and both have a reputation of being bred for fighting.

But I want you to meet Spike.

Spike's human sister was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age.  His owner noticed that while she was at the children's hospital, Spike began losing weight drastically.  He acted lethargic and refused to eat.  But each time the child returned home in between hospital visits, Spike was back to his old self and eating normally.  Then she would leave again, and he'd stop eating, and so on, until the poor dog himself had to be hospitalized and fed intravenously.  Through it all, Spike was there for his human dad, resting his head in his lap and serving as a source of comfort for the man, who was devastated over his daughter's diagnosis.  

Spike passed away last year.  But his family will never forget his devotion and endless supply of love and support.  Why are stories like this not shown on the news?  Why not show the amazing things these breeds do for us instead of focusing on negativity?  Breeds that the public consistently slanders have such potential to be wonderful pets.  And many aren't given the option - they sit behind bars in shelters because people are frightened of them.  Give them a chance.  It is often the breeds that look the most intimidating that need the most love.

Since we're talking about Presas, here's a beautiful young male up for adoption!  Located in Toledo, Ohio, Tiny is about two years old and according to his fosters, a "big goofball"!  Click the link for more info or to adopt the ironically-named Tiny.  Isn't he gorgeous?!


  1. Hi Y'all!

    He is gorgeous!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. They are beautiful. They definitely have a bad rap here because they mauled a woman.
    Lily & Edward

  3. It's not even just city/town ordinances. We ran into breed prejudice the last time we shopped home/farm insurance - and we have a Lab, Golden Retriever mix, and a mutt. The "problem breed" was the Lab. Yep. Great post. Shared.

  4. What a touching story. And what beautiful dogs!

  5. Tiny is gorgeous and Spike was one very special dog. Great post! Sharing.