Monday, April 27, 2015

Tuesday's Tails: Garth

Over the weekend, some friends and I visited an animal shelter about an hour away.  It was a beautiful facility, and though all the pets seemed incredibly sweet, we were especially taken with one pittie in particular.  His name is Garth and he is an adorable, petite pit bull mix.

Garth is about three years old and full of energy...and he's always up for a cuddle!  The first thing he did once he got out of his kennel was reach up with his two front paws and give every single one of us a pittie hug and kiss!  My brother-in-law fell in love with Garth immediately - it was very sweet.  He would adopt Garth in an instant if his apartment complex allowed dogs...but, as it is, the sweet boy is still up for adoption.  If you're interested or know someone who might be, please contact the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

Derek and Garth had a special bond! :D

Today is the last day of a very cool fundraiser for the National Mill Dog Rescue.  One of my favorite organizations ever, they are dedicated to saving and finding great homes for puppy mill dogs.  Right now, they are holding an auction in which you can bid on beautiful, handmade bracelets.  Each puppy mill rescue wears a chain or a number around their neck (an easy way for the so-called "breeders" to keep track of them); these bracelets incorporate either a link or the actual tag from a former puppy mill dog.  Each bracelet is unique and comes with a card giving a description of the organization and the specific bracelet itself.  Click the link for your last chance to bid!

One of the bracelets up for bid

I also have a request:  If you know of anyone who might need a transport for an animal in need from May 27th - June 1st going from Iowa to Tennessee or vice versa, PLEASE let me know!  My husband and I are driving to the BlogPaws conference in Nashville from Iowa, and we would love to help save a dog or cat while on the road.  Thank you in advance! <3


  1. Garth is such a cutie and sounds like a real lover :-) Shared and hope he'll be adopted soon.

  2. Garth sounds like he is super fun! Hope he finds a home soon. Have a great time at blogpaws

  3. Garth is so cute, and looks so lovable. Shared. I checked out the auction, and wow, they are doing very well! Good to see.

  4. Garth is a sweet boy! Thanks for letting me know about this group. I've added them to the rescue groups that get donations from book sales.

  5. Garth is gorgeous! Sharing and hoping he finds a forever home soon.