Monday, April 13, 2015

Rescue & Romance

I read just about every genre of book, but I have never ventured into romance novel territory.  I don't know, I just always picture a shirtless Fabio with his hair blowing in the wind, and...I go look at the memoirs instead.  The closest I've ever come to reading a bodice-ripper is 50 Shades of Grey, and that's only because the media was all abuzz about it.  But I just might be a romance novel convert, because last weekend I discovered Catherine Mann's Second Chance Ranch series!

No bodice-ripping going on here! (photo from Amazon)

The first book in this series is called Shelter Me.  Yes, the majority of the plot is focused on this couple and their romance - of course - but there is a large subplot dedicated to a Shepherd mix named Trooper.  Trooper was Sierra's father's right-hand man in Iraq, and when her father is killed while serving his country, Sierra is surprised to find his two partners (one human, one canine) on her doorstep.  Sierra and her mom run the Second Chance Ranch, a hectic animal rescue.  The last thing Sierra needs is more stress and painful reminders of her father...but Trooper and his (very handsome) new owner are difficult for her to resist.

You mean you don't get frisky on a picnic blanket on top of a snow-covered hill?!  (Photo from Amazon)

Rescue Me, the second book in the Second Chance Ranch series, features the same setting with slightly different characters.  Sierra is a minor character, while her friend Mary Hannah - who now works at the rescue - is at the forefront.  Mary Hannah has a scandalous history with Detective AJ Parker, who is working with her now to rehabilitate a terrified Boxer named Holly.  Holly was seized by the pair during a drug bust - she is traumatized and unsure.  But Mary Hannah has to heal and train Holly, all the while trying to avoid her feelings for AJ.  

Each book has its share of "sexy" scenes, as well as cheesy lines and silly scenarios.  However, it's very well-written, and the characters are relatable and real.  What I loved most, of course, was the rescue aspect - I so wish there was more of this in fiction!  In each book, there were also a few portions that were written from the dog's perspective, which was super entertaining.  Take it from me:  If you aren't so into romance novels, but you're a dog-lover, try these books!  I'm not sure if the author is planning on a third in the Second Chance Ranch series, but I sure hope so! 

Because it is Tuesday's Tails, I am also including two adoptables:

This is Lady, and (like Trooper in Shelter Me) she is a Shepherd mix.  Lady is 6 years old, fully trained, and good with other animals.  And look how beautiful she is!!  Check out her Petfinder profile here.

Like Holly in Rescue Me, Fargo is a female Boxer.  Fargo loves other animals, children, and running around outside.  She's super sweet but pretty shy - she just needs a bit of extra love to bring her out of her shell.  And yes...her ears are always like this!  Adorable!  Check out Fargo's Petfinder profile here.


  1. I am not a big fan of the romance novels either. Although I have been known to read a few books on animal rescue. The picture of Lady is wonderful. That is such a good adoption photo. It would help me see Lady being a part of our family outings.

  2. Thought I'm not keen on romance novels, I'll definitely give these a look. Suspect this would be a great "soft sell" for adoption and rescue! Sharing.

  3. Fun! I'll have to check these out! I have a chapter in the book I'm writing that has the working title Rescue and Romance!

  4. These books sound like something I might like. I'm not big into the bodice rippers myself, but I am definitely into the rescue idea. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Ditto what others have said. I'm not a big fan of romance because most of it is a little to much sex and not enough relationship. These look wonderful. Since I met my husband, in part, due to a black lab named Barkley. I know I"ll enjoy.

  6. Those books look interesting! Lady and Fargo are both beautiful! Sharing.