Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh Melvin...

This week, the world lost an amazing dog.  It's strange - I don't "know" the writers behind my favorite blogs, but I feel like I do.  When a blogger loses a pet, it's like the whole community has lost that pet as well.  If you have read Oh Melvin in its wonderful entirely, you are surely mourning sweet Melvin too.  Please keep Tracey and Jake the Frenchie in your thoughts and prayers, and please head on over to the blog to share your condolences.

If you're unfamiliar with Oh Melvin, I'm including links below to some of my favorite posts.  Prepare to waste away the next week or so reading through the archives!

Fridays With Melvin:  Her - Melvin's beautifu "tribute" to his Person

Little Victories - Jake and Melvin adorably get to know one another

Happy Birthday Melvin - I love this poetic birthday post Tracey wrote for Melvin.

Stalker - These photos of brotherly love in the form of stalking crack. me. up!

(photo courtesy of Oh Melvin and kate with a camera)

Goodbye, sweet boy.


  1. I always think we must be following most dog blogs, but this is another one I have never seen nor heard of. So sad losing a friend, real, or online.

  2. We did not know Melvin, but our condolences to his family. Thanks for sharing on the hop.

  3. So sad, we are so sorry to hear this. Our condolences to his family!

  4. I don't know Melvin, but I share your sorrow. It is true, when one of us loses a pet, it's almost like we all do. I have mourned many in the years I've been blogging.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop.

  5. Although we are new here we are saddened to lose a loving member of this furry blog community Thank you for giving a piece of yourself to all of us Melvin.

    LB and her rescue lab Abby