Monday, September 7, 2015

5 Things to Tell a Spouse who Hates Your Pet

Meet Khan.

Khan is a mature Himalayan mix located at the Ames Animal Shelter in Iowa.  He's got beautiful eyes, a laid-back personality, and a heart condition that requires a very special home. 

Khan is also a ginormous ball of fur!  I don't think I've ever seen so much cat!  But it's mostly fluff :)  Who wouldn't want this giant hunk of man-cat love in their life?!

Well...the people who surrendered him to the shelter.  That's who.

Khan was dearly loved by a woman at one time...but unfortunately for him, the woman's husband hated Khan.  Hated.  But he tolerated him, at least until a new baby came along.  Then it was off to the shelter for Khan.  Husband's orders.

So this leads me to today's lesson:  5 Things to Tell a Spouse who Hates Your Pet.

1.  So long!
2.  Farewell!
3.  Auf wiedersehen!
4.  Goodbye!
5.  ...See ya! (I ran out of Sound of Music lyrics.)

Yes, this is tongue-in-cheek, and I am not actually suggesting that you file for divorce.  But if I was still single and dating, my motto would definitely be "Love me, love my pet."  :)  What's your opinion?

If you're interested in adopting Khan, please click the link at the top of the page to contact the Ames Animal Shelter.