We rescued Riley about a year ago, when his owner had passed away and he was brought into the shelter.  I saw his smiling face on the shelter's website, and I called Jared right away!  "We have to go in and visit him," I squealed, always a sucker for a cute dog.  And we did!


Riley was cowering in the back of his kennel.  His personality description card said he was very friendly and loved squeaky toys, but he just seemed depressed.  He would barely look at us or lift his head up off of the ground.  Jared and I knew that we had to get this sweet boy out of there.

It was definitely the right choice!  Riley, now 8 years old, has proved himself to be the PERFECT addition to our little family.  He is loving (especially when it comes to his daddy) and sweet, and he always makes us laugh.  His "human" eyes are hilariously expressive, and it always seems like he is rolling his eyes at us (which he probably is)!  We love our grumpy old man more than words can express, and Riley is one of the main reasons I would choose adopting over shopping every time.  There is nothing quite like a shelter dog (or cat)! :)

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  1. Hi Riley! Yur sure cute! I'm glads yu founded yur furever home wiffs yur Mom and Dad..Hopes yu had a gweat Chwistmas! Have a happy News Year!