Monday, July 14, 2014

True (Dog) Life: Frozen Things Terrify Me

Mom tells me today is something called "Tasty Tuesday", and that means she is going to make me some yummy homemade treats!  I'm so excited!  Can every day be Tasty Tuesday?

Mom and Dad are banging around the kitchen and making lots of noise.  I do not care so much for the loud noises, but I would like to stay because of all the good smells in this room!  Also, I love my dad and never want to leave his side.  Dad is the best.

(Editor's note:  Riley is ALWAYS underfoot in the kitchen!)

Mom tells my dad that she ordered this thing called a Kong tray...I do not know what a Kong tray could be, but it comes with little packets full of delicious-smelling powder.  So I think maybe a Kong tray belongs in my tummy?

Dad plugged his nose while Mom dumped the chicken-flavored packet into a big bowl and mixed it with a cup of water.  He said that it smells gross.  Dad is crazy!!

Mom had Dad cut up some apples into teeeeeny, tiny pieces.  A chunk fell on the floor, and they didn't seem to I ate it.  Shh, don't tell!  

Dad wanted to take a picture once the apple pieces were mixed with the chicken soup stuff, but Mom said no because it looked like vomit and wouldn't be pretty on the blog.  (What is a blog?)  So it all just got dumped into the white tray.

Why the white tray and not my mouth??  :(

Then Mom got out a new bowl and a jar full of brown sticky stuff that smelled like what dreams are made of.  I got in trouble because I kept jumping up to see what was in there.  :(  

Then Dad ate half of a banana and dumped the rest in the bowl.  Then they put more water in there and mushed it all up.  I even saw Mom stick her finger in the bowl and lick it!  Not fair.  It all got dumped into another side of the white tray.  (That white tray is stealing all my treats?)

(Editor's note:  Left side peanut butter, right side chicken/apple)

(Editor's note:  To make the chicken soup-flavored frozen treats, mix the Kong powder, a cup of water, and a single apple slice cut into tiny pieces.  For the peanut butter treats, mix a big spoonful of peanut butter, a cup of water, and half of a mashed up, overripe banana.  Super easy stuff!)

They opened the Mean Freezer, and I ran to hide.  The Mean Freezer is where something they call the "ice maker" lives.  The Ice Maker is a mean man who lives inside the Mean Freezer - he makes loud clunking sounds that make me shiver and tremble.  I hate the Mean Freezer!  

They told me my treats would be "ready later," and they gave me one of my new lamb-flavored chewy treats instead.  I was mad at first, but...a treat is a treat.

Hours later, the white tray got taken out of the freezer, and Dad popped out this hard, cold blob and tried to give it to me.  It smelled really good, but it was so cold on my tongue!  I just wasn't sure.  Mom and Dad put the good-smelling hard things in my food bowl and stared at me...and then Dad picked up the bowl, and I heard it.  A noise like the Mean Freezer makes.  Every time he moved the bowl, the noise came again!  


Nope.  Nope.  Nope. 

After that, I wanted nothing to do with those "frozen treats."  I shook and tried to hide under the bed.  I think Mom felt sorry for me, and she tried to get me to come out using little pieces of cheese.  But Dad said, "All that work for nothing!"  I do not think he was happy with me.  I came out from under the bed after that; I had to protect my parents from the Ice Maker man inside the Mean Freezer.  Especially my dad.  Who I love.  

Don't worry, Dad.  I got you.  Lemme just snuggle a little further into your armpit...


  1. Oh, Riley, love that picture of you in the kitchen. That's my favorite spot, too. Perfect for collecting food that falls from the air. Sorry the frozen treats didn't work for you. You could mail them to me, but that may not be such a good idea!

  2. Aww I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your treats. Maybe outside on a hot day?

  3. Oh no! have to learn to lick them :-) maybe try to put it in Riley's water bowl. Sugar loves frosty treats. Golden Woofs

  4. Oh no!! Haha. You are too cute, Riley! Nice work, protecting your pawrents from the Mean Freezer man like that! Maybe you might like the treats after you've been running around outside!

  5. Riley would like me to let you all know that while he loves your comments, he is mad at me now for trying to force the frozen treats upon him a SECOND time (this time after a long, hot walk)! Frozen items just must not be Riley's thing! Thanks for reading :)