Monday, July 7, 2014

Tuesday's Tails: Where Are They Now? Part 2

Last week, I decided to update readers on animals that had been previously featured and up for adoption.  Today I will be continuing the updates - and I won't lie to you, many of them are not about these animals finding their forever homes.  However, I tend to mainly feature the shelter dogs and cats who have had a difficult time getting adopted; it would be miraculous if all the animals I had shared with you found their homes in the past few months.

I do not mean for these updates to be depressing.  It isn't my intention to bum you out.  But being involved in rescue is not always easy and uplifting.  When you take one step forward, you take another two steps back - when one cat is adopted out, two more cats (and probably a pregnant mom and a handful of kittens) come in.  There is the rise and the fall - you cry tears of joy as a difficult, fearful chihuahua finds his happy home after over a year...and then you cry in frustration and anger when an owner ties a pit bull to a tree outside the shelter and abandons it.

In rescue, there are happy endings, but there are even more sad stories.  We can't change this.  There will always be animals in need who break your heart with every wag of their tail.  But we can share these animals with the world, and we can hope that in doing so, their sad story will end up having a happy ending.

Do you remember Zima?  I featured him back in early June.  He is around 5 years old, and the biggest snuggle-bug ever.  Zima has now been at the HSNI for over a year, which means his adoption fee has been reduced to just $50.  I can't believe he's still at the shelter!  Every time I hear anyone is looking for a cat to adopt, I talk this guy up like crazy!  If you're interested, please contact the HSNI!

Photo courtesy of Southern Belle Photography

How could you forget this gorgeous face and those blue eyes?!  This is sweet Brielle, who was ADOPTED only a few days after I posted about her!  I hear she went to a fabulous family, and I'm so glad - I'm always especially thankful to those who choose to adopt senior cats (this girl's a little older than 8).  Yay, Brielle!!

Photo courtesy of Love & Luck Photography

Roxie, a beautiful American Bulldog/pit bull mix, was featured on the blog in April.  Sadly, she is still at the PAWS Humane Society, waiting for her person.  She has been there for quite some time, and it just doesn't make sense - Roxie is rambunctious (at only 2 years old) but incredibly sweet.  She is my favorite gal in the shelter, and she would make someone a wonderful pet.  If you think that someone is you, please contact the PAWS Humane Society!

Photo courtesy of Tyler Trenhaile and the HSNI

This is Midge, the oversize beauty with those unique eyes that I featured last month.  Only a week or two after my post, she has found a lap to call her own!  Happily, this girl is no longer up for adoption - about time!  Have an amazing life, sweet girl.

Photo courtesy of Love & Luck Photography

Rico, Rico, Rico!  This 3-year-old Jack Russell found himself in the shelter twice, and this time, he's been there for close to a year.  I featured Rico in April, and he is still up for adoption.  This guy gets passed by time and time again because of his screeches for attention; however, once he gets out of his kennel, he is sweeter than candy - he's all talk! :)  Submissive and quirky, I love hanging out with this goofball; his grins and nudges for attention make me laugh so much!  Rico is well-behaved, even when getting pampered in the bathtub, and he reeeally deserves a loving home.  If you're interested, please contact the HSNI!

If any of my readers are considering adoption, please keep these sweethearts in mind! <3

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing to happy adoption stories and the reality of shelter work. I hope you keep telling the stories of those hard to place dogs and cats.

    1. Thank you for reading, Mark. I hope these guys don't have to be in there for too much longer!

  2. Congratulations to all that were adopted! We are sending purrs and prayers for those who haven't found their families yet. They all look sweet and adorable to me -- I'd take them all if I could!

    1. Amen!! I would too! :) They're all super sweet!