Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tails: Meet Rico!

(Photo courtesy of Love & Luck Photography)

Hi everybody!  My name is Rico, and I am a second-timer at the Humane Society of North Iowa.  You see, I arrived as a stray last year and was adopted out rather quickly.  Unbeknownst to the nice folks working at the shelter, I was shuffled around from home to home (and that's no life for a dog!), and I ran away and ended up here for a second time in September.  It's funny - the staff didn't recognize me at first (how could they not remember these devilish good looks?!) and decided to name me Randall!  One particularly observant staff member thought she remembered my...ahem...unique bark..., checked out some photos from my last visit, and discovered that it was indeed me - Rico!

I am a 3-year-old rat terrier, and as you can see from these photos, I am quite the handsome fellow - check out my expressive eyebrows and silly grin!  I like the ladies more than I like men, and I am still a little timid because of the bad break I've gotten in life.  But once I get to know you, I'm a total lover!  Don't be put off by my barking when I'm in my kennel; I am only trying to get you to notice me and take me for a walk!  Once I am out from behind bars, I am a calm and quiet gentleman.  I am great on a leash (though I might have to wear a harness as I get a bit excited at first), and my adorable trot will make you smile!  Although I am sad to be back in the shelter, I am loving all of the new people I get to meet...I love kids, and I even get along with cats and most dogs.  I enjoy being bathed and walked, but what I like more than anything is just a lap to snuggle up in.  

The lady holding me in the photo is one of my favorite visitors!  I like her husband, too, though when I first met him I was a bit shy...but once I spent some time with him, I kept putting my paws on his legs to be picked up!  Everyone who spends time with me knows that once I'm given a chance, I am a very affectionate boy - I am not shy about personal space, either; I like to bat at your hands with my paws to get you to pet me!  Most people think that's pretty cute. :)  I'm not sure why I have been at the shelter for so long - are people intimidated by the way I bark at them?  I don't mean any harm; I just want to get out of my cage. :(  I wish they could understand.  Please give me a second chance at a forever home; I am a great dog and I promise to be your loyal friend for life!  If you are interested in adopting me (please?!), contact the HSNI for more information.

xoxochelsea (and Rico!)


  1. It is tough when dogs come back to the shelter after a failed adoption. But it sounds like HSNI is one of those shelters that tries to make the dogs stay there as pleasant as possible. Rico probably also loves the frequent visits from some great volunteers.

  2. HI Y"all!

    What a great grin you have! Sharing!

    Thanks for visitin'.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Rico is adorable! It's too bad he is back at the shelter but hopefully he will find a forever home this time! Paws crossed that it happens soon!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that Rico is back at the shelter - someone is going to fall in love with that cheeky face though, I'm sure!

  5. Poor Rico and he's such a cutie! Sharing.