Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cyber Saturday on Easter Sunday!

This remote-control sized MinPin is Walter, and his deformities are the result of inbreeding.  After spending a year locked in a cage by heartless owners, Walter was rescued.  His story has a happy ending, as he now lives in a loving, caring home!  Click the link for more adorable photos!

Pitbull lovers, rejoice!  The inaugural One Million Pibble March on Washington is coming up on May 3rd; this event is meant to spread awareness of the goodness of the breed.  Pittie lovers will assemble on the the lawn of the US Capitol, fighting for the end of breed-specific laws as well as stronger laws against dogfighting.  It is a human-only event that will hopefully help us to make great strides in the fight against breed discrimination!

I want these soooo bad!  Vans has collaborated with the ASPCA, designing these awesome cat-print sneakers and their high-topped canine companions, to raise money for the prevention of animal cruelty.  i need them!!!  (Buy the super-cute toddler version here!)

Lola the Pitty, one of my favorite doggy-bloggers, put up a recent post about Dog Fighting Awareness Day.  This post lists some tips on how you can help prevent it, and it provides some really useful info...definitely check this one out!

These custom crayon carvings are created by an artist in California, who uses plain ol' crayons to make a perfect replica of your dog!  Cutest thing ever, with so much amazing detail!

Don't click on this link if you are prone to crying big, ugly tears (as I did) while watching sad animal videos.  This is Miley, who was found in terrible condition in the middle of a trash heap.  After being saved by a rescue, taking care of this adorable black chihuahua, and generally winning the world's collective heart, Miley has found herself a forever home!

Same goes for this tearjerker of a video:  This dog waited for eight days outside a hospital in Brazil, where his owner was undergoing surgery.  The video is of the two being reunited, and it turned me into a sobbing mess.

This is the cover photo for Heath's Haven, a rescue dedicated entirely to special-needs dogs.  They find and take in dogs with neurological illness and paralysis, among other issues, saving them from being euthanized and get started on their rehabilitation and recovery.  Eventually, they set the dog up with a wheelchair and help them to find a forever home!  This is an absolutely amazing organization that gives dogs second chances that they wouldn't have otherwise been given; I encourage you to check out their website - there's some really inspiring stories there!  Thanks to Sharon of the amazing blog Lessons from a Paralyzed Dog for posting about Heath's Haven.

Have you heard about the new awards program for dogs and cats called Best in Shelter?!  It is an upcoming television prime-time special focusing on shelter pets - kind of like the Westminster for homeless animals!  This is a concept that is pretty groundbreaking; shelters across the country are ridiculously full, and hopefully something like this will help people take more notice of shelter animals.  They will also not only be showcasing adorable kittens and puppies, but "tripawds" and special-needs animals as well!  The when and where of this program has not yet been announced, so stay tuned!

The Black Dogs Project is a photo series intended to show off the beauty in the often-ignored black dog.  Black dogs are some of the least-adopted in shelters, for whatever reason, and this photographer wants to show the world that they shouldn't be passed by!  Thanks to Melissa of Bubby and Bean for alerting me to this project's existence.

Don't forget to check out my other blog; the latest posts involve candy-colored fashion, my siblings, and the best and worst of TV boyfriends!  :)  Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!



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