Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Personal Plea for Goldie: Tuesday's Tails

Today's Tuesday's Tails is a difficult one to write, simply because of the stress this poor dog has been through.  I've written about her before, but thought I would feature her again, since in the shelter she still sits.  Remember Goldie?  She is the survivor who was abandoned in an outdoor kennel for three weeks, chewing off her tail because of the extreme fear and hunger.  The landlord of the empty apartment found Goldie (along with several other dogs inside the building) and wasn't sure what to do with her - the bone in her tail was exposed, and the dog was clearly very distressed and in terrible pain.  The day he was going to take her to the vet to be euthanized, he decided to make one last desperate call.  That call was to the Humane Society of North Iowa, and they agreed to take Goldie in and see what they could do. (All photos via HSNI website)

Goldie when she arrived at the shelter, 20 pounds underweight

Goldie was of course stressed out and in pain, but also excited and eager to make friends with everyone.  Her tail was amputated, and she was given special food to help her gain weight.  The vet estimated her at about ten years old.  She gained weight quickly and became a healthy dog again.  Once Goldie's amazing story of resilience and strength got out, it spread fast.  The applications poured in from many different states, even one from Australia!  Everyone wanted to give this beautiful golden retriever a second chance at a happy life.  

That was a year and four months ago.

For a year and four months, this energetic girl has sat behind bars, wiggling her butt and waiting for someone to come take her for a walk...or better yet, take her home.  People want to know why she is still there; why, if so many people were interested, hasn't she found a home yet?  Goldie is a very special case.  She cannot be around other dogs or cats, and she needs a fenced-in yard since, given the chance, she will immediately run away.  Due to the trauma Goldie has been through, she is no longer housebroken (who knows, perhaps she was always only kept outside), though the staff believes she is a smart girl and will be able to be trained.  Because of these limitations, nearly all of the applications had to be rejected.  The few that were left came to meet Goldie, expecting to see a calm and lazy senior dog relaxing on her blanket.  This description does not fit this girl!  Though she is now eleven years old, she has TONS of energy - she will play fetch for hours!  Once they met Goldie and saw how high-energy she was, they unfortunately changed their minds. 

Goldie's other favorite pasttime is playing in the water - she LOVES it!

Now, over a year later, no more calls come about Goldie.  No more applications for her are turned in.  People have lost interest in her story.  Where the shelter once spoke with the media about Goldie's progress and how far she has come, they no longer do this - there's nothing to report.  Goldie has definitely come leaps and bounds since her arrival at the shelter, but after such a long amount of time, she has kind of plateaued.  She still loves all the things she used to (water, food, walks, toys, treats), but I believe any dog would go rather stir-crazy if they had been in a cage for more than a year.  Goldie has her days - when she is stressed out, her hair will fall out in clumps.  She is a very happy girl, and the staff has done some amazing things with her.  But she needs a home.

know the perfect owner is out there - though that person hasn't come yet, there has got to be a very special home for this very special girl.  I know that Goldie would be a wonderful pet if given a chance.  "[Goldie has] pretty much been ignored and neglected her entire life.  She's never known what it is to be someone's pet.  She DESERVES a second chance," says a staff member who has gotten to know Goldie very well during her time at the shelter.  If you think you could be that person for Goldie, or if you may know someone who is, PLEASE contact the HSNI.  Consider this a personal plea...this girl deserves to see what a forever home truly feels like.  If you can't adopt, please share...your shares can help Goldie get out of the shelter, which has been her home for far too long.  Thank you so much.



  1. Her story breaks my heart:( I sure hope she finds the perfect human to take care of her. Sharing.

    1. Her story is pretty darn depressing :( I am really hoping she gets the wonderful home she deserves. Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. What a story. Goldie looks like she has made a pretty good recovery. I hope she finds a wonderful and supportive home soon.

  3. This story breaks my heart. I wish I could take her in so badly! What a sweet face. My heart goes out to her, and I really hope that the right family comes along soon.

    1. It breaks my heart every time I see her in her kennel. She really is a sweetheart, and SO happy and energetic for a senior dog. I really want to see her find a home. Thanks for reading!