Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Riley's Letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

I've been a very, very good boy this year!  Mama and Daddy will tell you things like, "He peed on the bed," or "Riley only gets coal this year since he stole a bag of treats off the table," but trust me:  They are lying to you.  I have been an angel.

Please bring me some of the things on my list, and maybe a few surprises involving peanut butter or bacon!  But please, Santa Paws, please...do not bring me a fur brother or sister.  I heard Mama and Daddy talking about how bad they want another dog, and I played dumb and pretended I didn't understand...but I am no dummy!  I am the only pet in the house, and I'd like to keep it that way!

1. A photo shoot with Amanda Jones - I make a fuss when Mom tries to take my picture, but I secretly love it.  It's just that Mom is not a very good photographer.  This Amanda Jones looks like she's pretty talented...but then again, she'd have a very photogenic subject to work with.

2.  Twins dog bandanna.  Daddy loves this game called baseball, especially a team called the Twins.  I don't know what baseball is, but I love my daddy...so I love baseball, too!

3.  Bugsy's Box.  Sometimes Mama gets these packages in the mail that are full of things for me!  We have gotten a PetBox and a BarkBox, but the dog across the street told me that he gets Bugsy's Box.  I need one of those, too!

4.  Sleepypod Pet Carrier.  Mom and Dad think that I hate car rides just because I whine the whole time.  Secretly, I love car rides!  I just hate riding in my crate. :(  I think if I had this super-cool carrier, I would be much comfier traveling!  And I'd whine less.  I'd still whine...just less.

5.  Dog-e-Glow leash.  A light-up leash would mean more nighttime walks for me!  It might also get the attention of the pit bull two blocks away - I know she's not exactly my "type"...but I'm still kind of into her.  

6.  Calm Me Down calming collar.  This is a magical collar that will keep me safe and make me feel better when the ice machine makes those terrifying loud noises.  I don't want to talk about it anymore. :(

7.  Trip to Camp Dogwood.  Hiking, relaxing on the beach, playing, massages, and treats all in the same place?!  Where do I sign up?!

8.  Minnesota Vikings vest.  Daddy suggested this one to me, too.  I don't know who that man is on the back of this vest (he kind of scares me), but the color is pretty sharp.  And it looks like it would keep me warm on winter walks.  (Hint:  More winter walks, Mom and Dad!)

9.  A PrideBites squeaky toy with my face on it!  Do I really need to explain this one to you?!  (Psst...Riley's mom here.  He doesn't know that this is totally being shipped to our house as we speak!)

10.  Fire hydrant.  I could pee on this.

Also!  Another bag of Alpo Wholesome Biscuits, please!  I'm already halfway through this bag...Don't tell Mom, but Dad's been sneaking me extras. ;)  (Psst...review to come!)

Thank you in advance, Santa Paws!


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