Friday, August 8, 2014

Riley's PetBox Review!

Hey there, everybody...Riley here!  I have something exciting to tell you today.  When we were on our walk this morning, Mom stopped at the mailbox.  While I was sniffing all the wonderful smells nearby, she pulled out a big blue box - and it smelled even better than the grass I was sniffing!  Would you like to know what was in the blue box?

Well?  Would you?

PRESENTS for ME!!!!!!

My mom told me it was called a Petbox and that we won it from a lady named Ann who writes a blog called Pawsitively Pets.  (What is a blog?)  I don't really care what it's called, Ma, just it!

Here is what I found in the blue box:

Aussie Naturals Duck Toy - Mom took this away from me after a while because she said she was worried I would kill the duck.  "Duck is already dead, Ma," I tried telling her with my saddest eyes, but she did not hear me. :(

Out of the way, Duck, I smell treats under there!!

Aussie Naturals Reloadable Dolphin Toy - This toy crackles just like Mom and Dad's bottles of water, but even noisier!  I love to rest my chin on it and fall asleep!  It makes for a comfy (if noisy) pillow!

Aussie Naturals Aussie Ear - I was intrigued by this big white rawhide thing...but Dad put it in my Treats Closet and told me, "We'll save that for later."  But I want now, Dad. :(

Alcott Essentials Travel Bowl - Mom and Dad say that this bowl can come with us on trips and it can even snap onto my leash!  I got distracted because I heard them say "leash" and thought maybe a walk was coming!

Petkin PetWipes - Daddy always makes fun of me for my dirty face and paws.  But now he won't be able to, because they will be sparkly clean 'cause of these wipes!

Loving Pets Pure Beef Jerky Bars - FINALLY!  That delicious smell I sniffed was coming from these!  Mom says "all natural," I just say, "YUM!"

Not yawning...just chewing with extra enthusiasm!

I give this "Petbox" thing four paws way way up!!  (Next time, big blue box, please bring me more treats.)


  1. The mailman brought you prezzies? EXCELLENT. You look like you're really enjoying 'em, too.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.

    1. Oh, he enjoyed them, all right! In fact, Riley enjoyed them so much that he got himself into some Monday Mischief (check the blog tomorrow!) ;)

  2. Nice goods! Great review!
    Thanks for joining our 1 year anniversary pet parade hop today!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Thanks for sharing on the Pet Parade and joining the pawty today! Looks like you got some great stuff there. Lucky dog

  4. Wow, that PetBox looks pawesome!!! Maybe we will have to try one!
    P.S. We have nominated you for a few awards over on our Thankful Thursday post today!

    1. We definitely recommend it! And thank you SO much, Emily, we appreciate it! <3