Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cyber Saturday

The weekend is finally here!  Check out these great links gathered from my fave blogs this week!

Dogster posted a great article all about keeping your pet safe during a tornado.  Tornadoes can - and do - occur in every state, and the Midwest (where we live) is especially vulnerable.  These 8 tips are extremely useful during this time of year.

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and I am celebrating it all month here on the blog - and so is BlogPaws!  This week, they gave a list of reasons you should adopt a cat...the number one reason?  You'll save a shelter cat's life, which is a reward in and of itself!  They also posted a wonderful article called "Why Should I Give a Damn About Your Blog?"  Sounds a bit harsh, right?  That's what I thought at first glance, too - but it's actually quite a motivational post about getting people to come to your blog and tips on how to do it.  Good stuff!

This little cutie's name is Harley, and he's a 13-year-old puppy mill survivor.  He was rescued a few years ago, and as he continues to heal, he serves as a spokesdog for puppy mill survivors everywhere!  As you can see, he's in some rough shape...but he never lets it hold him back!  Harley is one of the possible "cover dogs" for Modern Dog Magazine's photo contest.  I think it would be incredible to have a puppy mill survivor with special needs as a cover model!  If you think so too, join me and vote for Harley!! 

Always With Yoo shared a set of awesome infographics about how kids should and shouldn't interact with dogs.  Very helpful - more kids should know this!

HelloGiggles posted a cute little article called "6 Reasons Why I Really Respect My Dog."  Funny and inspiring.

I loved BarkPost's instructions on making this cool graphic artwork!  Super easy, and when you're done, you have a colorful, customized silhouette of your pup!

And from the Second Chances blog...

Have a great, relaxing weekend!

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