Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Secret Language of Dogs

I work in a dog hotel, so I have heard a lot of different types of barks.  The scream.  The howl.  The yip.  The "woof".  I've heard them many times, in fact, that I've learned which noise belongs to which dog.  They have a language all their own - the Jack Russell's yips mean Take me out and throw a ball for me, please, while the Beagle's whines mean Get in here and rub my belly!

This made me think about Riley's "language" and what his different sounds might mean.  Though I'm sure there are others, here are Riley's top 8 sounds, translations included:

Ruh!  Ruh!  Ruh! - "You left me alone at home for way! too! long! and I am soooo excited to see you!" or "Stop kissing/hugging/tapping each other on the shoulder, Mom and Dad!  I am the only one in this house who gets physical affection!"

Rrrrrr... - "Oooohh, rubbing my head into the couch cushions feels so good!" or "I want to play and you are ignoring me!  Throw my toy immediately!"

Roorooroo! - "I just heard the words 'go for walk' come out of your mouth and I am just! too! excited!"

What?  Did you just say the magic 'W' word?!

Ack. - "Whoops.  I drank too much water too quickly...and some came back out onto the carpet.  Sorry..."

Yip! - "Dammit, Dad!  You stepped on my paw again!" or "I am asleep and having a very exciting dream so please don't disturb me, okay?"

Jingle, jingle... - "Excuse me.  Excuse me?  It is very late at night and you guys are sleeping...but I really need to go pee.  So I will just sit here and scratch at my collar." anyone going to take me outside?  Anyone?

Snuffle snuffle... - "Why is the door shut?  I know you're in there..." or "You came home from work smelling like other dogs!  How dare you?!"

Burrrrp. - "Thank you for the delicious treat." (Seriously, Riley's burps could win a contest.  I've never heard anything like that from a dog.  They sound like a human man's belch - it's crazy.)

What about you?  Does your dog have a language all his own?


  1. Happy Thoughtless Thursday! Ruckus has his own language for sure :)

  2. Thanks for joining Thoughtless Thursday! Your post is hilarious and yes, I understand Bentley's baaaarrrroooo's and Pierre's squeaks, and both their barks. ☺

  3. Thanks for joining the Barks and Bytes hop! Freighter is our talker. He is a big time roooer. It is really quite funny.

  4. My 3 dogs have unique sounds for certain things. The most distinctive is Theo's bark when his ball rolls under something he can't get. Even when I'm sure he didn't have a ball, it is always there, just out of his reach.

    1. Aw! That reminds me: Have you seen the video of the little Frenchie trying to reach a tennis ball on the couch? Too freaking cute!! :D

  5. BOL! Loved this post! Made me smile, so thank you :)
    Thanks for linking up with Thoughtless Thursday too!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Aw, I'm glad it made you smile! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Hehehe so true. Sampson is the roo'er and Delilah grunts. LOL

    Although does bark....incessantly when it is meal time or she wants to come in from outside. The funny think is to go outside she grunts to come in she barks. I can't figure her out. :-(

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!!

  7. Sometimes I bark like a rooster and my handsome brother Stanley does a woo-woo-woo-woo bark when he has missed our pawrents. We stopped by to say hello. We heard the Welcome Wagon has stopped by to visit. We hope you make lots of new furiends here in Blogville.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Hahah I love it! Hunter has about the same language.. but uses more body language more than anything.

    Like.. hiding between our legs: I did something wrong.. please don't be mad.

    Ears down and looking away: I did something wrong.. and I'm going to ignore you as you scold me.