Monday, November 10, 2014

Tuesday's Tails: Adopt Talea and Suchin

As you probably already know, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  I am the proud owner of a senior pet, and I can honestly say they are some of the best companions out there!  Riley is a perfect mix of playfulness and couch potato, as are most senior pets, and we can't wait to add more senior pets to our home one day.  In honor of this special month, I'm featuring all senior adoptable pets on the Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop.

This week's pair of adoptable animals comes from Utah's Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  Best Friends always has wonderful adoption promotions depending on the season or month, and November is no exception - this month, the sanctuary is offering senior adoptions for free!  That's right:  if your adoption is approved and you've applied for a senior pet, the sweetheart can be yours for no cost!  (Photos from Best Friends)

Take a look at this face!!  This precious gal is Talea, a senior Beagle at Best Friends.  Talea doesn't like cats very much, but other than that, she would fit great into any home.  Here's what the staff has to say about her:

"Talea will draw you in with her unusual and beautiful eyes.  But this girl is all Beagle; she loves scouting new smells and going for walks.  She also really loves food.  Born in 2005, Talea came to Best Friends from a rescue group in Tennessee.  She is wiggly and happy, and gets along great with other dogs.  She knows her perfect home is out there, and she'll keep wagging until she finds it."

And this here is Suchin, a senior Siamese with a sweet disposition.  Don't be fooled by that grumpy face - she is super friendly and loves people!  Here's what Best Friends said about Suchin:

"Suchin is a shy and beautiful Siamese cat.  She was born in 2002 and came from a feral colony.  Surprisingly, she's interested in people and in receiving affection.  She enjoys being petted and kissed on the head.  She is fine around other cats and the cats in her room here are very friendly and kind to her.  She's an older girl who'd love to be able to live out her days in a home of her own."

Adorable, right?  And if you're the right home for Suchin or Talea, you could adopt them (with no fee!) during the month of November!  If you're interested, please contact the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


  1. That is so great that Best Friends is waiving the adoption fee for senior pets this month. I hope Suchin and Talea find a home soon.