Monday, March 10, 2014

Norm Needs a Lap to Call His Own!!

The first animal I've chosen to feature on the blog is a cat named Norman (but his friends call him Norm).  I fell in love with this big, lovable guy a few months ago, when he butted his big ol' handsome head into my hand to be petted.  Norman was originally up for adoption at the PAWS Humane Society...

When he came in as a stray, he looked like he had been in a fight, with some bloody scratches on his body.  They tested him for feline leukemia, as they do for all incoming kitties, and unfortunately, Norman tested positive.  This could mean several things - Over 60% of cats with feline leukemia will live a full life, after all.  But because FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) seriously weakens a cat's immune system, Norm will be more prone to infections and disease.  Because of this, and because FeLV can easily be transmitted to other cats, PAWS decided to transfer Norman to Witty Kitties.  (For more info on FeLV, you can check out this website.)

Witty Kitties was founded in 2000, specifically intended to be a safe haven for cats with special medical needs.  The cats are separated by medical issues, then allowed to roam free in a room made just for them.  This amazing organization agreed to take Norman, and that's where he is now, playing and socializing with cats who also tested positive for FeLV.  

(photos from Witty Kitties)

Norm is sweet and cuddly, and he loves to play with toys.  Whoever adopts him will have a friend for life and be rewarded with lots and lots of purring.  It takes a special and loving person to adopt a special needs pet.  If you think you could be that person, for Norman or another cat, contact Witty Kitties.  They request a donation of $75 to cover a portion of the medical cost.  If you don't feel up to applying for a special needs kitty right now, the organization also allows you to sponsor a cat:  for $250, the cat of your choice will be covered in terms of food, shelter, and health care for ONE FULL YEAR!  

I think this place does some amazing stuff.  It might be more emotionally taxing to own a special needs cat, but I also believe it is even more rewarding - you are giving a kitty in need something he has always wanted, a warm forever home where he can live happily for the rest of his life.  If you're one of those people who own a special needs pet, THANK YOU!  Animals need more people like you!!


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