Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cyber Saturday: Amazing Animal Posts Around the Internets!

One of the weekly features I'd like to do here (as well as on my other blog) is Cyber Saturday, where I do a roundup of the great posts related to animals or animal rescue (plus pretty things and DIYs) that I've stumbled across that week.  There are so many fantastic blogs, Instagrams, books, and so on, about animals that it's hard to keep up!  Here are just a few of the inspirational posts I've seen this week.

Admittedly not a "post", but I found this magazine (photo from Facebook) in WalMart while looking for the new issue of HGTV Magazine (which, I swear to God, comes out later and later every month), and I'm officially obsessed.  It's their very first issue, and it was amazing.  Their website isn't up and running yet, but if you're an animal lover, run right out and get this issue!  It features a great article on no-kill shelters, as well as a story on one of Michael Vick's dogs.  I will definitely be subscribing.  The best part is that they donate $20 of the $30 year subscription price to a rescue of your choice!

Target is always dependable for cute little tchotchkes (or, um. However you spell that.), and the Threshold line is, of course, gorgeous and perfect.  This ceramic turtle from the Threshold line would look adorable on any bookshelf.

The Best Friends Animal Society is a great cause whose mission is to "save them all", and their Animal Sanctuary in Utah is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country.  There are nearly 500 cats and almost 300 dogs, plus barnyard animals, birds, horses, and rabbits, and many of the animals are considered seniors or special needs.  And YES, I DID say no-kill!  This is an amazing place, and Jared and I are planning to take a trip out there sometime next year to volunteer.  

Gold leaf has been one of my favorite trends so far this year, and the blogger from All Sorts of Pretty has a great tutorial on how to beautify paper mache animals.  So cute!

Another precious gold leaf craft!  Lovely Indeed made this gold leaf dachsund on a plain canvas!

Those cheap little plastic animals in all the hobby stores are made gorgeous with a little spray paint, then glued to a plate to make a chic ring holder.  These look just like some from Anthropologie, but much less spendy!

Buzzfeed recently put up a post about Daisy, this sweet little rescue dog who was abandoned on the street at only two months of age.  Animal Control picked her up, and she was scheduled to be euthanized...but found her forever home in the nick of time.  Daisy's front paws are paralyzed and twisted, and she has a wheelchair, though she is able to walk without it.  Though she has special needs, she is described as the happiest dog ever, and she is a spokesdog for special needs dogs everywhere.  Also, that underbite?!  I can't even find the words for the cuteness.  Read more about her here.

Vintage Revivals' daughter's room was featured in HGTV magazine recently, and this corkboard bulldog mural is extremely creative!  Am I too old to have this on my wall?  Do I even care?  This was done using a projector - the tutorial is right over here! Such a great idea.

I recently found the wonderfulness that is BlogPaws.  This website is a HUGE network of advocates for animals and bloggers who are passionate about rescue.  They use social media to keep in contact with rescues and not only promote animals in need, but help to rescue them as well.  It's pretty amazing, and I hope to become more involved with them in the future!

This photo by The Dogist absolutely melts my heart!  If you aren't following The Dogist on Instagram or Facebook yet, do so immediately!  He is like The Sartorialist, except for dogs.  The photographer runs a photo-documentary series meant to capture the beauty in many different breeds of dog.  I favorite at least one of his photos daily; I love seeing the dogs' different personalities.

And one DIY the husband and I finished today:
I've been wanting to do some nail-and-string art for a while now, but I was intimidated at how complicated it looked.  But it was SUPER easy!  I love the heart inside the paw and can't wait to add it to my animal-themed gallery wall!

There are a few things I'd like to accomplish with this blog:

*Share my own personal experiences with animals and animal rescue

*Share fun things and articles related to animals

*Post more serious articles on rescue, animal control, puppy mills, euthanasia, etc.

*Share other people's success stories with animal rescue (if you're willing to share them with me, of course :) )

*HOPEFULLY share photos and stories of animals in need of forever homes!

*AND one day, I hope to be able to actively participate in finding homes for shelter dogs and cats in need.

What else would you guys like to see here?  Do you have any suggestions for me?

Again, thank you so much for reading/sharing <3


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