Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Top 10 Most Lovable Movie Dogs

I figured I would post a more upbeat opposite to my depressing Hollywood dog post and talk about my favorite movie dogs!  Basically, a dog just has to appear in a movie and I immediately love it - even Cujo - but these are my favorite ten.

10.  Bruiser in Legally Blonde (photo from here)
Legally Blonde is obviously not a movie centered around dogs, but I always thought Bruiser was adorable (and, quite frankly, the best thing about the movie.)  (Except maybe the Bend and Snap.)

9.  Sparky in Frankenweenie (photo from here)
Don't watch this movie if you, like me, get unusually upset over cartoon dogs in kids' movies.  As mentioned in the aforementioned depressing post, Victor's dog (ironically named Sparky) dies and is brought back to life as a sort of zombie/Frankenstein-esque dog.  No matter how sewn-up and scarred he is, I still think Sparky is pretty darn cute - especially when he meets a Bride of Frankenstein lookalike and falls in love!

8.  Tramp in Lady and the Tramp (photo from here)
Tramp was a super stud who settled down as soon as he met his "Pigeon".  Sigh.  This movie is just awesome.  Their paw prints in the wet cement, and of course the iconic spaghetti-eating scene.  Too cute.

7.  Hercules/The Beast in The Sandlot (photo from here)
This misunderstood mastiff was actually a total snuggler once the guys got to know him - as most dogs are!

6.  Dug in Up (photo from here)
This hilarious talking retriever was a friendly, if annoying, companion during the journey in the movie Up.  His voice is what I think Riley's sounds like, except instead of saying, "Squirrel?!", Riley would always say, "Night-night?!"

5.  Toto in The Wizard of Oz (photo from here)
I have only met a few Cairn terriers in my life, and none of them have been black like Toto.  How scrappy is this dog?!  He bites Miss Gulch, jumps out of her basket, AND stands up to the super-annoying and whiny Cowardly Lion!  Oh yeah, and he steals that hot dog from Professor Marvel - such a badass little dog.  I always have to hold my feelings back when Miss Gulch tells them she's going to bring the dog to the police and have him "destroyed."  I'll destroy you, Miss Gulch.  How dare you.

4.  Hachi in Hachi:  A Dog's Tale (photo from here)
Again, this dog was featured in my previous post of sad movies, but he deserves more recognition because he is SO darn cute.  Look at that face!!  Hachi is hands-down the most loyal dog in existence.  I'm not going to talk about why this is, because I'd probably start crying, but it's true.

3.  Baxter in Anchorman (photo from here)
Baxter's real name is Peanut, and he is a scruffy little border terrier mix.  He was one of my favorite parts about this movie (we won't discuss Anchorman 2 because I'm going to pretend it never happened); also, whoever wrote this movie should note that it was NOT funny when Jack Black punted Baxter over a bridge.  I know he comes back later in the movie.  But it upset me at the time.  (I feel you, Ron Burgundy.  I would be in a glass case of emotion, too.)

2.  Petey in Little Rascals (photo from here)
Pitbulls actually used to be known as "Nanny Dogs" because they were so friendly and good with children.  What happened to this stereotype rather than the vicious, man-eating one?!  Spanky's dog Petey was one of these Nanny Dogs, and that face with the circle around the eye just gets me every time.

1.  Uggie in The Artist (photo from here)
This handsome and very clever dog got his pawprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and many fans even wanted him to win the Oscar for Best Actor rather than his costar, Jean DuJardin.  Not only is he cute, Uggie the Jack Russell stole every scene he was in, performing tricks and somehow conveying emotion through those little puppy eyes.  (Some say that we are merely projecting our own emotions onto dogs, but I choose to ignore that opinion.)

Here are my honorable mentions (not on the list only because I haven't watched any of these movies):
Marley in Marley and Me
Winn-Dixie in Because of Winn-Dixie
Shiloh in...Shiloh
Otis in Milo and Otis

I'm sure there are more I've left out.  Can you think of any??


  1. These are all great celery-dogs!! Shadow and Chance from Homeward Bound are pretty good ones too :)

    P.S. You correctly solved the Ramen Noodle Mystery - Caster was the culprit! I have a prize to mail you and your pup :) If you could just email me your mailing address when you get the chance, I'll send it in the mail ASAP! kittycatchronicles at

  2. hahaha celery-dogs?! That was supposed to say celebri-dogs. Stupid auto-correct! :)

  3. Ahhhh yay!!! I knew it! There was such a sneaky little grin on that face! :) Thank you so much - I never win things :) I will message you soon.

    And I definitely thought you meant celery-dogs. I thought it was, like, a new slang term...hahaha, I seriously almost Googled it! :)